namiNami, is Straw Hats’ navigator and one of most people’s favorite one piece figures. She grew up in Cocoyashi village along with Nojiko, adopted by a former Marine, Bellemere, who raised them as her own. They were living a poor but happy life until Arlong Pirates took over the island to use it as their base. Arlong made everybody pay a large amount of money and he killed Bellemere because she did not have enough. Then he forced Nami to be his cartographer after he promised that he would free her village if she raised 100 million belis. When she met for the first time Luffy, she was still Arlong’s subordinate and a thief stealing treasures from pirates until Luffy beat him and freed her hometown. After that, she joined the Straw Hats’ crew, dreaming of drawing maps of the entire world. Onboard besides the navigation of the ship, she takes care the crew’s money and treasures, as she is well organized when it comes to economics. As a navigator, she is very skillful, so much that she can foresee even the trickiest weather by instinct alone. That is why in battle, although she is weak physically, by using her vast knowledge about the weather and the Perfect Clima-Tact, a weapon made from Usopp, she prevails over her opponents. The current bounty for her head is 16 million belis.